You need 12fps to have the optical illusion of motion. This is cinema, an images lab which produces visual fascination. So, you watch a film, but have you ever tried to listen it, breaking it up the sound element from the image?

Joining different competences into a common field as the cinema, the Cultural Association Leitmovie investigates, deepens and promotes the relationship between the Seventh Art and its sonorous component in the relative historical, cultural and social contexts.

Thinking the movies like an orchestration of visual and auditory elements, by the activities we will propose, the argument is debated in different ways, paying attention both to the theoretical and technical aspects with lessons, workshops and conferences and the more performative with events and film exhibitions, concerts, focus and meetings in addition to a critical activity on our blog tied to the contemporary and not only audiovisual panorama.

A specific dialogue between arts that becomes a dialogue between knowledges, toward what is apparently far and distant. Not only an intellectual act, but political too.

Our Staff

Lapo Gresleri – President

Carlotta Acerbi – Vice-president

Alessandro Guatti – Office Manager and Treasury

Federica Marcucci – Calls for bids


Nancy Armentini

Federica Maragno

Vincenzo Palermo

Marcello Polizzi